About us

Our team is based in Bucharest, Romania. If you don’t know Romania yet, we can send you a list of beautiful places to visit, even if it’s not our core business!

Depending on the situation, we can work in English, French or Romanian.

We have experience in various types of businesses, from early-stage start-ups to large financial companies.

As to the team’s skills, we have different profiles: Digital Marketer, Software Engineer (ITIL V3 certified) and IT Auditor (CISA certified).

Our mission

We help people and companies reach their best so they can achieve more, improve the quality of their social interactions and overcome their main difficulties.

Our five principles

1/ We give our best

Let's practice, at least we'll learn!

2/ We love new adventures

We enjoy every little piece of surprise that may come along our road towards success!

3/ The hard way is fun

Almost every difficulty can be overcome with humour and optimism!

4/ Diversity makes us stronger

Everyone has its own strengths and specificities that should be accepted, respected and celebrated!

5/ We use feedback as energy

We welcome all type of feedback (positive AND negative) to learn, progress and help others to progress!

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